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Friday, February 28, 2014

Melody Anne - The lost Tycoon (Baby for a Billionaire series)

The Lost Tycoon (Baby for the Billionaire, #5)The Lost Tycoon by Melody Anne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have honestly never read a Melody Anne book that's I have not liked and book 5 in the baby for a billionaire series was no different.

This story is that of Misty and Bryson -

After living in the system as a child and then falling into the hands of a corrupt cop who would beat her to the point of death, Misty Elton's life is something of a nightmare, A living hell.. She knows she has to escape and goes on the run scared for her life.

Bryson is an FBI agent who's been put on the case of bringing Jesse down. It's a hard task to build a case against this scumbag who seems to have help in high places, evidence going missing, witnesses turning up dead. He needs Misty to testify and help him, what he doesn't count on is the emotion she brings out in him, the need to protect her.

When DNA proves she is the long lost sister to Damien (book 4) and relative to the Anderson family he knows he would do anything to give this woman the family she has never had and always dreamed to have.

The pages of this book are filled with raw emotion that blew me away, the shear intensity was something else! Misty may look down on herself and lack confidence but when it comes down to it she is strong, a real fighter and her spirit to win was inspiring,

Bryson was a great match for Misty, big and strong a great protector for Misty but also loyal and a real anchor. This book was a little different from the others in the series with its Gritty circumstance and dark nature, but it was never the less amazing and action packed.

Jesse was real scum, soul pitch black scary, Melody did a great job with character portrayal. Jesse came across as a very real villain to me.

One thing I love about Melody is she has a great way of tying in other characters, reminding us of past events and bringing things full circle. I did a little happy dance to spend time with Damien and his family again..

I will suggest that before you read this book to look at the Anderson Family tree once again. It can be hard at times to remember how all of these characters are entwined.

Another win for me!

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