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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Arrangement 14 HM Ward plus Video Teaser

Many Thanks to Author H.M Ward for giving me a ARC of this book, in return for an honest review

Find out more about this author and the Ferro's HERE!!

The Arrangement 14 picks up right after Avery is drugged and thrown in a box. Honestly things aren't looking good for her! We were left with so many questions regarding Sean and his intentions, I'm happy to breathe a sigh of relief.

This installment has Black and Sean some what teaming up in order to catch the person gunning for Avery's life. Not that either one is happy about it, and both are doing it for there own means, its hard to know who to trust.

While Avery has some pretty heavy thinking to do, can she stay with Sean and all his darkness? Black has offered her a different position but why? Their is definitely no love lost between Black and Avery and does some of that have to do with the past history of Sean and Black? (A WTF moment)

We get the answer to one question but a million more pop up! Its like Whack a mole! Meanwhile we have a body count that's just on the rise. Are they after Avery because of Sean? or is somebody trying to put Black out of business by hitting her Call list?..

I can't lie its entertaining writing.. I read these books like a person offered a glass of water after a month of being on an Island!
Avery and Sean are very damaged but I see him trying to be a better person and if anybody deserves the white picket fence its them.. fingers and toes crossed. Don't give up on our boy girlfriend!

We also get to see Bryan, Jon, Trystan and Mel who offer some much needed Banter and humor. This book ends with dramatics in great fashion... but I can at least rest my wary heart that both Sean and Avery are breathing until next time.

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