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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm I the only person who dislikes this title!

The Great Debate!
This book was brought to my attention on Facebook, parents where arguing back and fourth about the title of this book. Many stating "you need a sense of humor" while others disgusted that this author and mommy blogger could call her children A-holes.
My opinion:
I have not read this book and I will not, I understand their is an audience for that type of humor but not for me. The title alone made me turn away are you really calling your kids A-holes?!? I have plenty of humor I just don't need to butcher my kids self perception in order to do it.
I would feel slightly different if it was just for the book per se but this woman is always on FB referring to her kids as such
"Awwww shit, this is so F’ing appropriate. On the way to see my book at Barnes & Noble, Holden threw like the giantest tantrum ever and when we were “nicely trying” to put him into his car seat (SIT THE F DOWNNNNN KID BEFORE I REALLY GIVE YO...U SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT!!!!!), he was crying so hard he threw up alllllll over the place. So if you saw a naked kid standing outside Panera today, that was our little a-hole. And this is me twenty minutes later, but don’t worry if you buy this copy because I used like 9 gallons of hand sanitizer before I touched it."
Like NO NO their was a lot of other names you could of picked but A-hole I'm sorry I can't even get past it!

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Jackee Renahe said...

I agree with you 100%! I hadn't heard about this before, but I wouldn't go near anything she writes. If it's a one time thing just for the title alone I might chalk it up to shock value, but to talk to & about her kids (or any child) like that in general just seems wrong to me.