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Friday, April 25, 2014

M.A Stacie - Behind the Scandal

Behind the Scandal (Reluctance, #2)Behind the Scandal by M.A. Stacie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This series is becoming a fast favorite! I became instantly intrigued with the Reese brothers and their family dynamic in book one with Kyran. Book 2 Behind the Scandal is focused on Taylor and his drug addiction that has driven him to the brink and his life is collapsing around him.

Taylor is shipped off to his uncles ranch to detox, feeling very much alone and unloved he has the biggest chip on his shoulder and makes sure everybody knows it. The Ranch couldn't be any further away from what he's used to with his Penthouse lifestyle at Sea Point.

The Ranch is where he meets Libby a feisty red headed vision and her pesky 6 year old Levi. The last thing he wants to do is get caught up in a female, but their is just something about this woman that keeps Taylor wanting to know more.

When Libby finally does let her walls down Taylor realizes his problems pale in comparison, and he knows he will do anything to protect her and Levi from the danger that maybe hunting them.

I loved the idea of second chances and this is what both Libby and Taylor needed.
I enjoyed getting to hear Taylors point of view. Libby was a great match for Taylor she's so strong, a fighter and he needed somebody to fight for him. I drank in the angst, the romance and the drama of the past. It was a well written story with awesome characters and I was happy to meet up with Ky and Dale again... Great Crossover!

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Joy said...

I know this author from Twilight fandom. I didn't like her first offerings as a published author but this series might just be her forte.

Thanks for the heads up, Mel.

Unknown said...

Joy, I understand I mean not every author is for everybody... Personally I do enjoy her series however this is book 2 you should peek at my review for book 1