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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stephanie Summers Blog Tour - Craving (Willows Creek)

Craving (Willow Creek, #1)Craving by Stephanie Summers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got this book as an ARC as part of a book tour from the author..

Bastian made a pact with the people of Willows Creek 200 hundred years ago, he would keep the towns people safe from the rogue vampires who come to the town looking for destruction and death. In return for the towns people living safe, one young person has to act as a vampire concubine and Bastian's people are able to walk around freely.

The year has some for the short list of teenagers born on a particular year to wait and see if there name will be called and if their life as they know it be over.

Sabine is the chosen and she is far from happy. She had dreams of being an artist travelling the world and going to college, she did not want to give up her dreams, to be locked in a mansion as somebody's meal for her mortal life.

Remy is the prodigy of Bastian, when is maker calls he comes...But he's far from happy about being chained to a small town let alone a "wife" who is mortal and hundreds of years younger then he is.. I mean they couldn't possibly have anything in common!

I enjoyed this read, I haven't read a paranormal romance in a while but this seemed to hit the spot with a New Adult type feel to the writing. Remy and Sabine where very entertaining with there angst and whit. Remy doesn't want to be tied to Sabine any more then she does.. However when they are forced to spend time together their fondness grows..This book is definitely a new take on the generic vampire love and it was refreshing.

While I did find Sabine immature at times with her actions and childish ways I really did like her..I also found it intriguing that she could hold her own with a 400 year old Vampire. As a couple I love these characters and watching there emotions grow and feelings develop... Remy is HOT he makes himself out to be a jerk, a pig but he's the first to be riding in on his white horse to save this young woman... nobility he tries to hide.

I'm excited to find out more of the secrets of Willow's Creek and to see how this story continues..

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A small idyllic town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains is home to a thriving community. People are happy, crime is practically nonexistent, life is good…unless you’re Sabine Crowley, who has been chosen to be the next blood bag for the vampire lord who has protected the town from otherworldly creatures for 200 years.

Sabine has big dreams for her life, and none of them include becoming a vampire’s concubine. On her 18th birthday, she seeks solitude to process the cruel turn her destiny has taken. As she sits alone in Cleary Park, a sexy stranger approaches her. He’s tall, mysterious, handsome, and a complete jerk. He soon reveals himself to be a vampire and she’s terrified of him and her strange attraction to him. She wants to get as far away from him as possible, yet finds herself wondering if she’ll see him again.

Remy, the cocky newcomer vampire, has been summoned by his maker, Bastian, to take his place beside him in the hierarchy of vampires inhabiting Willow Creek. He’s none too thrilled to be stuck in a boring little town in the middle of nowhere where he’ll have to feed exclusively from the girl he’s been paired with. He’s repulsed by the whole situation.

When Sabine tries to run away from her fate, Remy is forced to follow and bring her back. They’re unwillingly thrust into each other’s lives and reluctantly find an undeniable attraction between themselves. Will they ever look past their contempt for one another and act on their urges? Or are they destined to hate each other forever?


"Why not me? I mean, you’re stuck with me until I die. Why not try to really get to know me, or at least pretend and try to make things enjoyable for me? Maybe you’d actually like me if you gave me half a shot." She smiled brightly at him, hoping to get some sort of pleasant reaction from him. "I don’t think I’m too bad to look at, and it’s not like I’m going to get to experience romance any other way." It was a shot in the dark. She almost wished she hadn’t said anything once it was out in the open.

"I have nothing in common with a twit like you. I’ve seen every nook and cranny of this world, and lived through so much of what you would consider ancient history. You’ve not been any further from Willow Creek than you are right now, and if it didn’t happen in the last 20 years, you probably have no interest in it."

His words were just another reminder of her cruel destiny. Tears began to form, and she fought to keep them from falling as she looked down at the floor. She would not let him see her cry again. "I’ve had no freedom to see the world or experience the things I want to experience. How dare you assume you know anything about me or what interests me?" Walking quickly toward her room, she closed the door behind her. Crawling into bed, still in her clothes, she buried her face in the pillow and wept softly.

Shortly after, he knocked on her door. "Sabine? You didn’t eat your food. Do you still want it? I’m going to throw it out if you don’t. It stinks already. Can’t imagine how putrid it will smell when it goes bad."

Burying her face in her pillow, she ignored him. If he wanted her to be quiet, that’s what he would get. She was embarrassed that she’d put herself out there like that, only for him to shoot her down. He didn’t care about her and never would. She was only a nuisance to him. She was right to dislike him from the start.

"Sabine? Are you alright?"


"Sabine, answer me."

More silence.

"I’m going to come in there if you don’t answer me."

Let him come.
He opened the door and marched into her room. His eyes immediately landed on her, expecting to see the familiar glare looking back at him. He never expected to find her in such a broken down state. He looked at her for a few long seconds while he tried to figure out what was wrong with her and if he could fix her somehow. This is pointless. If she wants to ignore me, then let her. Maybe I’ll get a little peace and quiet… Is she crying? An overwhelming feeling of hopelessness enveloped him and invaded his senses. The despair she felt was palpable. He moved to the side of the bed and had an overwhelming urge to reach out and touch her…to comfort her.

Memories of a time when he felt such despair came to him. He had been lost and hopeless, so much so that he gladly accepted Bastian’s offer to turn him so that he could escape his life and detach himself from human emotion. Seeing Sabine this way reminded him of everything he’d once felt, and he began to worry about her for just a moment. He almost cared.

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About The Author

Stephanie Summers is from small town WV, where she lives with her husband and two children. She recently graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in accounting, though writing is her true passion. Stephanie seemed to always have a story or two or ten running around in her mind. At the ripe old age of 30, she finally decided it was time to put aside the thought that she didn't have what it took to write a novel and began writing her first story.
She has since began and finished a paranormal romance, Craving - The First Installment in The Willow Creek Vampires Series. Her short story, Love Forgotten, was chosen to be published in Stardust: A Futuristic Romance Collection, due out in May 2014. Her contemporary rock star romance, Undone, as well as the second installment in the Willow Creek Vampires Series, Haunting, is scheduled to be released summer 2014.

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