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Friday, May 2, 2014

Shattered -Bk2 Extreme Risk - Tracy Wolff

Shattered (Extreme Risk, #2)Shattered by Tracy Wolff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Shattered- an extreme risk a novel by Tracy Wolff.

Ash was at the top of his game, one of the country's greatest snowboarders. He was going to go far, he was going to get to the Winter Olympics. The death of his parents in a car accident which also left his brother paralyzed put an end to those dreams.

He struggles daily with his guilt, his anger and his resentment to the world for the situation he finds himself in. He wants to do everything correct for his brother Logan but how can he be a guardian to a 14 year old kid when sometimes he struggles with his own issues?

Tansy is a woman that has had it tough all her young life. She is the girl that has had cancer for the past 10 years. Now in remission she wants to make a life for herself, find an identity and become an actual Person with likes and dislikes.

Taking a job at Make a wish Foundation, Her first assignment is to help a boy called Timmy. He wants to see one of the greatest snowboarders - Ash- perform.

All Tansy has to do is convince a man who gave up boarding to get back on the slopes. Which is no easy task since the man is all but falling apart from the hand that life gave him.

I enjoyed getting to know Ash and catching up with his friends again. Tansy was an awesome fit for Ash. She knew exactly what he was going through and was there to help and guide him. She may be small but was so strong and feisty.

This story deals with so many powerful issues, sad issues of illness and death. It's about young people learning to find there way after a negative blow. The author did a great job at expressing each character in a very articulate way.

I love that Tansy and Ash found solace in each other. That they use each other to find there way.

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Joy said...

This sounds like a very angst-y read! Glad you liked it, Mel.