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Friday, June 6, 2014

Molly McLain - Can't hold back (1.5 novella)

Can't Hold Back (River Bend, #1.5)Can't Hold Back by Molly McLain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Can't hold back" is a Novella style short story that takes place after book one "Can't Shake you"
This book was a great taste to keep you interested in the River Bend characters until the release of book two.

The story focuses on Maddie and Dan who we have met previously, Maddie always seems fun and adventurous and I always wondered how she kept it together with Dan who by all purposes is a straight arrow lawyer.

OMG OMG what the eyes of River Bend do not see!! This couple has hot and sexy chemistry coming out the Yazoo, and this isn't a new couple either while Just married they have been together 4 years.. However Dan still looks at her like she hung the stars (swoon)

Love and Lust is not the problem, but Maddie wants something she can't express in words to her husband - to be dominated, treated like a hot blooded woman and not a delicate flower because you know every now and then a girl just likes her hair pulled!

Instead of just telling him her desires she sets about using the local surf instructor as a pawn of showing Dan exactly what she wants.

I love Dan I really do! He is a man that's hot for this woman and will do anything for her to keep her happy. I felt bad for him at times as he was clueless to Maddie's actions. When in reality all she had to do was talk to him. Like most women we get lost in our own head in which a man could never understand lol.

Dan is a keeper and this is a couple that has it all their love is solid and they will last the test of time - the prying eyes, rumors and gossip of small town River Bend can do nothing to shake them.

Molly McLain has a winning series on her hands with characters bursting with personality and I can't wait to keep reading..

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