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Monday, July 28, 2014

Corrupted (Manipulation Trilogy bk1)

Corrupted (The Manipulation Trilogy, #1)Corrupted by Alicia Taylor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Corrupted is book one in that manipulation trilogy by Alicia Taylor and Natalie Townson.. This is a debut novel by this writing Duo.

Corrupted starts at a very fast pace. Ella is a woman's out to seek revenge, for the death of her sister and all that she has lost. She blames one man for the downfalls in her life - Damon Hunt he used her sister he manipulated her sister and now it is Ella's chance to seek revenge and ruin him.

But when emotions become involved lines get blurred. Is this all just a game? Or is this really love? How can she love a man that ruined her sisters life?

This book is complex, awesome writing at its best. These authors it did an amazing job at conveying Ella's emotions. You know she's wrong but you understand the pain she feels.

Just like with Damon you can't help but want the diary to be wrong. You want this couple to be able to come together and seek solace in each other, take the comfort in each other that they obviously need. They have chemistry off the chain!

They are stuck in a web of manipulation, deceit and secrets. I have to find out more about Damon's past, I want him to be a genuine Person and I want Ella to find true love.. I want a lot I know! Especially with the crazy ex's in the mix!!

I cannot wait the book two so I can get the answers I'm so desperately looking for!!!

What a roller coaster of a ride!
congrats to these new authors they did a wonderful and thrilling job.

Fans of the fixed trilogy will love this read.

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