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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Graze Box

Have you guys heard of Graze? I heard about this company through my Gym Rat brother who was raving about how great his Graze boxes where, and inexpensive at that!
So needless to say I had a little snack envy and wanted to try this Mailing snack box myself.

I got my first box today and I am super excited! Here are a few things I love about GRAZE

The boxes are $6.99 a box (that's shipping included!) 
You can receive a box a week or just one box a month
You can tell GRAZE your likes, dislikes and the snacks you want to try.
You Can Cancel at any time (this was a huge plus for me)
Your box contains a card with info about each nutritional snack.

I also love the simple nature of Graze, I no longer have to think about my snacks or wonder if its healthy.. I no longer have to measure out snacks to the right portion. AND Graze has a lot of options to try, it really is YUMMY.

I really want to try there family box too! Great for sharing.. I will let you know my thoughts

Want to try? use my coupon and get your 1st and 5th box FREE 
Enter coupon code:: WPC6MC6DB

I am in no way connected to this company my experience and opinion is my own, yours may differ

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