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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lori King Surrender Blog tour!


                                                           Weekend Surrender By: Lori King 

“What’s next?” Rogan asked impatiently. “I know we said we were going to give her some time, but damn it, I don’t want her to go fucking some random guy.”
That sobered his brothers, and soothed his frustration.  They were all in agreement.  She was the perfect woman to handle the four Brooks brothers.  Since they were teenagers they had been sharing women amongst them for sex.  Sometimes one woman for every two brothers, and occasionally one for all four of them, but never one to keep.  Now they had a chance, and it looked like it was about to be washed away with a bottle of Tequila.
“Let’s go.  If she wants to drink, dance, and play pool, she’s going to have more company than she ever imagined.  And if she wants to go home with someone, it will be us,” Parker said, and all three other brothers nodded in agreement.  
They headed into the bar, and Rogan’s eyes scanned the room looking for a waterfall of brown curls on top of a delicious curvy body.  Sawyer spotted her first, leaning against the bar chatting with a local ranch hand.  She had her arms crossed under her small breasts pushing them up and out, much to Rogan’s dismay and delight.  She was in full throttle flirt mode, and he wanted to shut it down immediately.
Walking across the bar as a unit they surrounded her, with Hudson slipping in between her and the drooling cowboy she had been chatting with, and Parker and Sawyer on her right.
“Hey!” she yelped in surprise as Rogan’s arms went around her waist, and he pulled her back up against his chest.  The bare skin of her belly was soft and warm, and he knew he would never forget that moment.  She felt so perfect in his arms, and her fresh scent flooded his brain.  
“Hey there, sexy.  I hear you said hi to my brothers but didn’t stick around to say hello to me.  I’m hurt,” he said with a playful pout, and she rolled her eyes giggling.
“Is that the story they told?  I don’t quite remember it that way.  I seem to recall Parker threatening me, then Hudson delaying me from my plans, Sawyer bossing me around, and finally Parker playing Daddy, and manhandling me,” she said with a sigh, but he nearly groaned out loud when she settled more firmly into him instead of pulling away.
“I haven’t even started manhandling you yet, sunshine.  Although I would be happy to play with you anytime, but I prefer to be called Parker over Daddy,” Parker said, and her eyes grew wide.  She stared into the mirror over the bar at the four men surrounding her.  
Rogan wondered what was going through her pretty little head when her eyes glazed over slightly, and her heart rate increased.  She shook her head as though to clear her thoughts and frowned.
“Guys, you’re seriously cramping my style.  No man is going to want to get close to me with all four of you hanging around,” she said in a pleading tone.  
“Good,” Sawyer muttered under his breath, and Rogan grinned.
“That’s the idea,” Hudson said, and Rachel’s eyes nearly bugged out of her head.
“Rachel, we get it.  You just broke up with Mitch, and you’re trying to prove something.  To yourself, or to him, it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that we don’t want you playing the field.  We want you to come home with us,” Rogan said, bending to kiss the top of her head lightly.  She stared into his mirror image in shock, but her body was pulsing in his arms.  Whether she admitted it or not, she wanted them.
“Come on, stop playing around, guys,” she said with a toss of her hair.
Silence reigned for a few heartbeats, and then Parker slid his hand up her arm until he was gripping her chin between his thumb and forefinger forcing her to look him in the eyes.  “Rachel, think about it.  Four men, who want to please you, and give you more orgasms than you can imagine.”
She snorted in disbelief still staring into Parker’s eyes.  “Would you stop teasing me?  It’s really rather rude.”
Rogan could see Parker’s jaw clench in frustration.  Parker hated being denied.  Rachel was going to learn the hard way about his Alpha male nature if she kept it up.  He knew that he had to interfere before the two of them began spitting fire at each other.
“So what exactly is your plan for the evening, Rach?” Rogan said softly, regaining her attention.
She blinked, and her tongue darted out to lick her full lips.  Rogan wanted to capture those lips with his own, and worship them with his tongue.  He wondered if she had any idea how many fantasies she had created in his brain with that quick little unconscious gesture.  Her almost bare back was still pressed against his abdomen, and he knew she could feel his erection through his jeans.  Just to tease her, he lightly grazed his thumb over the delicate jewel hanging from her navel.  Her sharp intake of breath told him he was successful.
“I’m going to finish my drink, and then I suppose I’m going to ask some lonely cowboy to dance with me,” she said, gripping her glass tighter in her hands.  She didn’t push him away from her, so Rogan continued to trace his finger over the petal soft skin of her belly.
“You have four lonely cowboys right here, ask away,” Sawyer said with a grin.

Flawless Surrender
By: Lori King

Why don’t you go get off your feet until dinner.  I need to go shower real quick.  Dalton did you call Ulysses about getting Devonshire’s shoe replaced?”
Just like that the moment was broken as Tanner and Dalton discussed a horse that had thrown a shoe that day.  Clint gave her a wink, but he went back to working on the food prep, leaving her to do as she was told and head into the living room.  
She sunk into the butter soft leather of the sofa, sighing with pleasure as she put the flower on the end table next to her, and took a sip of wine.  Flavors exploded on her tongue, and the mellow scent of berry filled her nose.  There was nothing of interest on T.V.  so she stopped it on a music station, tapping her foot as Jason Derulo sang about “The Other Side.” 
Her eyes drifted shut, and she let herself be swallowed up in the lyrics of the song and the uplifting dance beat.  She wondered if she could handle a fling with one of the three Keegan brothers.  It wasn’t like she would be here forever, in a couple of weeks Rachel’s mom would go back to Oklahoma, and Zoey would be able to move in there if she hadn’t found her own place yet.  Living on the Triple T she didn’t have any rent to pay so she should be able to save up the money for a deposit pretty quickly.  What if until then, she let herself be seduced by Clint, or even Dalton?  There was no way she would offer herself up to any of them after being turned down so flatly by Tanner and then Dalton, but if she just flirted back a bit, maybe…
A sudden sinking of the sofa cushion next to her, made her jump and her eyes flew open to find Clint settling in beside her.  
“Whoa, sorry angel.  I didn’t mean to scare you.  I seem to have a particular talent for that.” His arm went around the back of the couch just like Dalton’s always seemed to do when he sat with her.  
“It’s alright, I guess I was lost in thought and didn’t hear you come in.” She reached for the remote and turned the volume down on the T.V.  as Christina Aquilera started singing “Your Body.”
“That’s a good song.” Clint said, stealing the remote from her hand to turn it up just as she sang about finishing off on her own.  What a fitting song for the thoughts she had been having a moment ago.  “You know, I got to meet her once.”
“Christina.  I guess meet isn’t quite the right word.  I got to park her car once when I was working as a valet.”
Zoey laughed out loud, and Clint’s eyes widened.  “You have got to do that more often.  You’re beautiful when you laugh.”
A snort slipped out and she shook her head.  “And you are a Grade A flirt.”
“Grade A, huh? You really think so? I’d rather be a Grade A prime piece of meat in your eyes, I think.” He wiggled his eyebrows sending Zoey into another round of giggles.  She whacked his shoulder with the back of her hand, and he grabbed it in both of his, holding it over his heart.  “You’re breaking my heart, angel.  And here I thought we were going to get married and have a dozen kids together.”
“A dozen?  You have to be joking?  I can’t have a dozen kids, I would swell up to the size of a house!” She teased, and he tugged on her hand pulling her against his chest.  
“Perfect, as long as you’re mine I don’t care how big you are.” 
Clint swooped in for a kiss before she could respond, and she melted against him.  Tomato sauce and man was all she tasted as his tongue swept past the barrier of her lips and stroked over her own.  One of his hands slipped from between them to cup the back of her head, holding her in place for his mastery, and she lost herself in him.  
Someone moaned, and then whimpered, and she was startled to realize it was her.  Her hands flexed against his chest, fisting into the fabric of his t-shirt, and kneading the muscles of his pecks as she kissed him back.  
A sharp slap on her raised ass broke them apart, and she turned to glare at Dalton, still breathing hard.  “What the hell?”
“Save a little sugar for me, pretty lady.  Clint here has to go check his masterpiece.  The timer just went off.” Dalton looked way too pleased to have come upon her making out with his little brother, and she couldn’t decide if she was irritated or if she wanted to kiss him so that she could compare the two again.  
Her lips tingled, and her pussy clenched when Clint brushed a sweet kiss over her mouth and then swaggered into the kitchen leaving her alone with Dalton.  She turned a hard look on his grinning face.  
“You enjoyed that.”
He gave her an innocent look, “What? The interrupting part, or the part where I got to watch from the doorway as you tried to swallow Clint’s tongue down your throat?”
Face flaming, Zoey glared at him with all of the intensity she could muster.  It might have helped if he was wrong.  “You know a gentleman wouldn’t point those things out.”
Dalton’s laugh boomed through the room, and she fought to keep a straight face, “Whatever gave you the idea that I was a gentleman, pretty lady?”

Primal Surrender
By: Lori King

She paused before opening the car door and turned to face Mack.  In the dark shadows of night he seemed more raw and dangerous, and her heart fluttered a little in her chest.  
“I wish—”
“I’m sorry—”
They both started to speak at the same time, and broke off with a laugh.  Mack shook his head, “If you’re going to try to apologize again, you may as well keep quiet.  This wasn’t your fault in any way.  It’s been coming for a long time.”
She nodded and stared at the button in the center of his wide chest in silence.  His hands came up to wrap around each of her elbows and he rubbed up and down as though trying to warm her.  If he only knew how hot she already was for him.  
“I was going to say I wish this night had gone differently, Claudia.  I will make it up to you on our second date.”  His warm breathe caressed her cheek as he dipped his head down, and instinctively she lifted her face.  
“There you go again, assuming there will be a second date.”  She drew back, but her voice was so breathless he just grinned.  Even in the dim moonlight she could see the deep groove of his dimples and the white flash of his teeth.  The man had a killer smile to go with his sex God body.  
“There will be.”
Three words, and her knees nearly collapsed.  The confidence and command in those three words sent goosebumps skittering across her skin and she struggled to maintain her dignity.  What would he think if she begged him to touch her right now?
“Sweetheart, I’m going to give you give you five seconds to get in your car and shut the door, because if you don’t I’m going to kiss you, and once I kiss you I have a feeling there will be no going back for us.” 
She let out a gasp of indignation and then her breath caught.  He was serious.  Torn between the desperate desire to taste finally taste him and her own instinct for self-preservation, she swayed on her feet.  Only his hands on her biceps kept her from toppling.  
She jerked backwards and both of her hands landed on the center of his chest.  Just the physical connection made her pussy throb and her skin burn.  
Her mind was spinning as she pressed on hand to his chest, “Wait a second.  Don’t I get a say in this?  Who says I even want you to kiss me?”
“You’re still standing here.”
Lightning struck the moment their lips touched.  Fire sizzled through her veins, and pooled directly between her thighs.  She gasped on impact and he took it as an invitation to invade her mouth.  That’s exactly what it was, and invasion.  Her senses were completely overwhelmed and she melted into him, her arms sliding up around his neck as he braced himself on the car behind her with one hand and tugged her body tightly to him with the other.  
Somewhere in the recesses of her brain she heard a tiny voice warning her about getting involved when there were so many hurdles between them, but in that moment she couldn’t hold on to it.  There was no gap too wide or mountain too high when his mouth and hands were on her body.  Instead, she felt as though she had finally found a home.  A safe place where she could revel in this one man’s desire and need for her.  

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