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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Molly McClain - Can't Walk away - River Bend bk 3

Can't Walk Away (River Bend, #3)Can't Walk Away by Molly McLain
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Can't walk away is finally Mark and Ally's story, we have met these characters in prior books but now we get an in depth look into their on again off again, friends with benefits relationship. I for one couldn't be more excited! If their was one couple I wanted to get their act together it was this one.

Mark is the Sheriff of River Bend in a town where nothing is ever secret and everything is always on display he has a difficult time balancing his public obligation with his personal life.

Ally knows how difficult being in any kind of relationship with Mark is, feeling always second fiddle to his work she doesn't know how to handle her growing love for a man she wasn't meant to fall in love with at all.

Communication regarding feelings is always difficult between them, whereas communication between the sheets is always Amazing. However when Ally becomes pregnant everything changes, and what was once enough is seemingly lacking with a baby on the way.

I loved this couple they complimented each other really well even when having their differences. It was never in question if they loved each other you could see the love they have shine through from the very start.
This was a story of a couple finding there way, growing and changing..Together they are hot, steamy and romantic. I enjoyed the back and fourth banter between them.

This series has become one of my firm favorites the author has a perfect blend of all that makes a great romance series. The characters are lovable and memorable and the way she writes about small town life is EXACTLY how I picture it! Steamy hero's and Quirky females who love to test there boundaries whats not to love!!

An added bonus is always being able to meet up with past characters I enjoy the reoccurring parts they play, so we never miss our favorites. #win

Oh and the covers!!! How beautiful! LOVE the art work.

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