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Friday, March 13, 2015

Ethan Frost book 3 Exposed - Tracy Wolff

Exposed (Ethan Frost, #3)Exposed by Tracy Wolff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was perched on the edge of my seat for this latest installment, I've become so invested in this series and the characters I couldn't wait to see where their story would lead.

Ethan we see struggle, with his feeling for Chloe the intensity that comes with them while trying to balance the past and the knowledge that his family almost ruined the woman he loves.
He's out for revenge but how can he possibly Avenge her against the brother he once loved so deeply? He is at war with himself, being an all round good guy this situation takes him to new depths and we totally get to see a different side to him.

Regardless of the problems this couple has, I'm happy that their relationship continues to flow and bloom, if possible become even more intense! I honestly think they spend a good 75% of this book making love.

Chloe definitely comes into her own, while Ethan always wants to protect her I am happy that she finally made her voice known - She can stand up for herself, She can be the woman she's meant to be and she doesn't always need protecting.

I am totally in love with the fact that Sebastian was in this installment and the Vegas storytelling continued - If you haven't read his story READ IT!
Ethan and Sebastian are really a power house GQ style best friend duo - Whats not to love?!

This read had some terrific OMG moments when it comes to Ethan's brother and Mother, Just when you believe this woman couldn't be more cunning, vindictive and damn right even it happens! And it makes for a page turning read

I can not wait for book 4!

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