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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My love and Hate for all that is Instagram

OK I'm the first to admit I have an Instagram, I have for a long time and snap photo's daily.. Whether it's food, the outdoors, a craft, health related or my kids clowning around I love being able to capture a moment!
This is a two sided coin however! I recently had my identity stolen on IG, somebody pretending to be me to my friends and taking my pics as their own. Needless to say this can be pretty scary and you can't help but feel violated.
Now I could put my page on private of course I could, but as a blogger I use my social media at times to advertise products. If my page is set to private my thoughts and opinions would only reach a limited audience. So what's a girl to do?

I've said for long enough that social media gives us so much power and information, I love looking at health related photo's on IG its a wonderful tool for exercise ideas, food and motivation!  Again it has come to my attention many of these people complain about having their before and after photo's stolen to endorse some diet product they have never heard of or used.

I want to hear you thoughts, what do you think should be done?
What do you do to prevent this from happening to you?

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