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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

American Girl Saving tips

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This is Miss Sophia, She is my 4 year old adorable baby girl! Sophia has discovered her love for American Girl dolls.
We took her at Easter to the huge Store in NYC and even I was impressed!

These dolls have everything from matching clothes, to every accessory you can think of its pretty amazing I must admit.

American girl are by far the most beautiful doll I have ever seen. However I am aware that they are not affordable for everybody. This is for sure a special occasion type of gift in my house.

So I thought I would put a post together of all the ways you could actually save money when buying an american girl doll...

  • Sign up to the website! - Yes they have a news letter and catalogs which they mail most of the time these come with some kind of coupon or special offer.
  • Shop the sales tab - The website does offer a sales corner for accessories its always worth checking out. 
  • Follow via social media - Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc these places are the first to find out about offers and deals. 
  • Shop Ebay and Craigslist  - People are always selling these types of dolls and if you don't mind buying a used item at sometimes awesome prices there are deals to be had  

Start with a smaller doll, If this is your child's first doll and you don't know how much she will love it then start with a Bitty Baby doll - This doll is priced at $60 - $70 rather then paying $115 -$120 for the bigger dolls.

Don't forget to shop the sales! Holidays, Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc it is totally a money saver.

American Girl also offer a Mini Doll line! These little dolls are so cute and only priced around $25 which is an awesome idea for any little girl's collection!

I hope these tips come in useful! Enjoy your dolls

**I am not in contact with this company, I do not work for them.. all idea's are my own**

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Anonymous said...

Awesome ideas I have wanted to buy a doll for my little one for a while however the price has always been a factor