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Friday, August 7, 2015

Judging a SAHM

Being a stay at home mom is sometimes hard, you don't get the same social interaction that you would in the work place, what I find annoys me the most is this concept that SAHM actually sit at home and do nothing all day! I can not tell you how many times I've been asked "So what do you do all day?' or when I god forbid complain to being a little sleepy.. "Well don't complain to me, I have a real job talk to me about needing sleep"
YES that has been said to me!
Sometimes I feel like saying: when do I need to justify my life to anybody!
I made the choice to stay at home with my children I totally understand not everybody can do this, you don't see me judging mothers who need to go to work.
Can you imagine me saying "Well I choose to raise my kids myself instead of paying somebody $1500 in day care fees a month to do it for me" I can just imagine the uproar. It's a total double standard!

I used to work in the child care system and so when it came to my own children I personally thought it was better to stay at home with my children. Furthermore the cost of Child care in my area was so crazy it was actually pointless for me to work.. In my case why would I pay somebody else to do it then?
As my children grew and my son got into school full time I realized he was finding school difficult, which resulted in a huge amount of Speech therapy that was time consuming, home work which would take 1 hour would take 3, I would not of been able to dedicate the amount of time I did to him if I would of been in full time employment, it just would not of been possible.

So what do I do...

Well I manage my home... I cook 3 meals a day, I clean.. I clean a lot because unlike other families that leave their home at 8am and come back at 4pm. My house is lived in all day long which means constant up keep.
School runs/ Ride drop off
I manage my bank accounts and pay bills
I do laundry, We are a family of 4 and my son plays sports so when I tell you the clothes pile up, they do!
I spend 4 hours a week at soccer practice and Sunday afternoons taking my child to games.
I food shop because heck we got to eat.
I get involved in school activities and trips
When my children are at home we go over what they have learnt during the day, we do home work and other activities.
Hair cuts, doctors appointments, dental appointments all of this is done by mom in my house!
preparing book bags for the next day, ironing clothes.. ME too!
I don't complain about the role I play within my house because my family value me and the things I do. My husband is always telling me his job away from home is made easier because he knows everything at home is taken care of...

When I do get time to myself I exercise for an hour, read or blog.. I don't really have a social life because the majority of my time is with my kids and that's fine by me!

 I am not a lazy person I have a job that is important and I think the people who judge others on their chosen path have never had to walk in those shoes! Respect others because at the end of the day is somebody else and their family really your business? What works for them is what works for them, right?

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