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Saturday, August 1, 2015

My free Klout perk - Pasta Chips

Thank you to KLOUT for sending me a FREE Perk sample to try!

I think I found my new favorite snack, PASTA CHIPS are really something else guys. It's kind of hard to explain how yummy they are! Their baked and have a cracker feel when eating them.. The flavor is something else.. PACKED full of flavor.  My free sample was GARLIC OLIVE OIL and it reminded me of garlic knots you buy from an Italian restaurant!

Here is why I enjoyed them so much;

  • They are non GMO product verified
  • Baked made of fresh pasta
  • Crispy 
  • Only 120 calories each serving 
  • 20% less fat then similar products on the market
  • For my vegan friends YES they are vegan

For more info check out the Pasta Chips Website

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Jacob's Nanna said...

Looks so good!