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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Schwinn Bicycle Blue tooth speaker!

Thanks to Mitch @ Blog I won the Schwinn Bicycle Blue tooth speaker in his blog giveaway. 

Needless to say I was super excited, why you say? Because of this guy :

My husband, the love of my life and a super dupper bike nerd! He loves everything "bike life" This man can ride the streets of NY or the Trails of Jersey for hours and everything else slips away. He always has a hard time with listening to music on his cell phone when out on a ride so when I came across this contest I thought I have to win!

and I did! I won...

This speaker boosts:

  • Bluetooth speaker for your bike
  • High quality sound
  • Built-in light
  • Built-in subwoofer creates an extremely high quality audio performance
  • Rechargeable battery and mount included

So he got this and I asked his honest opinion because I was intrigued to hear what he had to say since he is a avid bike enthusiast...

Dony said " I really like the idea of a none tool speaker that is easy to put on to my bike. The light is of good strength and can double as a handheld flash light. The sound is great better quality then some of the more expensive brands.  However the fixture to mount this speaker to the bike is bulky and could be a lot smaller for the quality of the speaker itself they could of put a little extra thought into the mount. While this would be a good speaker for road biking or causal riding I don't think I would ever mount this to my mountain bike and hit the more rockier trails. I like that is rechargeable and for the price you get good value"

Sum up: Good quality speaker, better for road biking or casual rider, good price.

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