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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dirty - Kylie Scott

Dirty (Dive Bar, #1)Dirty by Kylie Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was a big stage dive fan! I was thrilled to hear their would be a spin off series with a character we met in Ben's book. Vaughan oh how I love you so..

When Vaughan's music career comes to a halt he reluctantly heads home to a town hes spent years running from, this forces him to deal with personal issues he hasn't wanted to look at in a long time.

He finds Lydia Green a runaway bride hiding out and seeking shelter in his bath tub. True to Vaughan's nature he offers to help Lydia for the short time hes back, what he wasn't expecting was to like this girl as much as he does....

But is it enough to make him stay?

Lydia almost married a man that is gay, her plans and life is in ruins and what she needs more then anything right now is a friend. Vaughan gives her that and a lot more, however she reluctantly knows their is a time limit on the friendship they share. If only her heart would get the memo...

Kylie Scott did it again! She is amazing with writing memorable kick ass characters. I just want to climb into this book and into the world she creates! The chemistry and banter her characters share is always HOT page turning material. I am totally smitten with the new characters and can't wait for each of their stories to commence.

We also still get snippets of our Stage Dive characters!!!! I mean whats not to love!

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