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Friday, July 14, 2017

Summer Vacation is here!

Summer Vacation is here! The question is what do we do to keep the kids occupied for the coming months?

I've seen the judgmental comments on FB from Mary Poppins, Cookie cutter parents who wander how other parents could possibly loose their minds during this time, because our bundles of joy are just 24/7 angels.

I love my kids dearly I really do! I'm the picture of the PTO mom.. I got this Sh*t down. However lets be real every parent loses a mind after the 500th mom of the day.
I'm bored
He's looking at me!
Can we go to the moon!
Can we eat out for every meal for the next 12 weeks!

Its like they revert to newborns again, having to eat every 2 hours.. They have 15 snacks a day and don't even get me started on how many rolls of toilet paper my house has gone through! YOU are not alone out there! And because drowning your sorrows in bottles of wine a day is frowned upon I have put together a list to give you ideas of what to do!

The Pool

The local pool often offers a very cost effective pass for the entire summer! Rather then if you just pay for a day pass I've found that if you pay for the member pass it pays for itself in a handful of visits!


Look for deals and coupons places like SKY ZONE often have coupons you can buy for half the regular price.

The Library

The public Library often puts together a summer program for children of all ages. They will also do special events during the summer and encourage you to take part, normally this is of no charge to you! All you have to do is visit the website and check the calendar of events. Also ask your library about FREE museum passes.

The Movies

Check your local parks and movie theaters - Many will offer a movie in the park night or $1 movie specials. READING MOVIES offer $1 movie at 10am every Wednesday and Thursday mornings.


Check with your teachers many of them will offer sporting camps during the summer with a lot lower price tag then private companies... Also if your kids miss there friends have a group of moms come together and split the price for something like a batting cage rental. In central Jersey you can Rent a cage for $40 split between 3 moms its very cost savvy and you as an adult get the added benefit of adult conversation.

National parks and Hiking trails are awesome and free! We have one not too far away that has a fairy house trail. There are also local spray parks that are always popular with my kids!


Many zoo's will have special days that will let you visit for free if you donate to the local food bank or let you come for Free if you donate to a charity - Bronx zoo and Turtle Back Zoo both come to mind

Ipad's and Technology 

Don't feel like the bad mom for giving your kids technology time! If they earn it and you need a 30 minute reprieve go for it! Plus their are lots of awesome apps that get this moms stamp of approval.

Let me hear some of your summer ideas!

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